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The joint research project MYrisk addresses disaster risk reduction (DRR) and prevention of multiple risks in Yangon, Myanmar. The aim of the project is a comprehensive sensitisation and prevention of multiple disaster risks as well as an integrative management of disasters. Currently the project is in the stage of the 48-month research and development (R&D) phase (may 2021 – february 2025).
During the preliminary and definition phases, a transdisciplinary project consortium was established with partners from research, government, administration, the private sector, public institutions and the civil society.(see partners).  Within the definition phase of the project, multiple risks in Yangon were studied in detail and a central database with robust research data was established as a basis for information exchange between institutions. In addition, various education and awareness-raising programmes as well as prevention programmes in case of catastrophic events were designed.
The following aims are to be achieved in the research and development phase of the project:

  • establishment of a metadata inventory on existing databases
  • strengthening institutional preparedness and exchange
  • conceptualisation and evaluation of an effective, inclusive, culturally adapted prevention programme for the civil society, in raising awareness on natural disasters and personal preparedness, incl. against the loss of personal documents
  • conceptualization of a prevention programme for the loss of the economic basis with a focus on system relevant services, such as private clinics, food and water providers
  • conceptualisation of a dialogue platform for innovative ideas for build back better strategies in the Covid-19 pandemic